Children love music

Raising kids who love music is not that tough a task! But most of the times, parents end up forcing their children to learn a musical instrument, which makes the kids detest music altogether. Getting children accustomed to music is a gradual phase – you have not to force music on them, but let them make a choice. Allow your children to explore and then decide what they want to pursue. So here’s how you have to get your kids to grow in a musical atmosphere:

Play an instrument yourself:

Children observe and learn and that’s the best you can do! Playing a musical instrument in the presence of your child will make bring him closer to the music and the instrument too. Watch how they grow with an inclination towards music and the instrument which through which the music comes from. This is also a great way to bond with your child.

Playing music

Listen to music:

Play some great songs at times you spend together as a family. The peppy music, meaningful songs, child-friendly songs, your favorite songs are all which will increase the child’s interest in music and everything related to it. So to get your child closer to music, make sure you create that kind of musical atmosphere at home.

Sing songs:

Singing songs together as a family is one great way to get your kids to fall in love with music! And for this, you don’t really need to set aside some specific time – you can make music and singing a part of your routine! Sing as you wake your kids up, sing as you cook, sing as your gardening – keep the song going!


Choice of the instrument:

Don’t force your child to learn a particular musical instrument just because you want them to! Instead, allow them to choose what they would like to play. With all the musical atmos[here you create at home, your child would automatically be drawn to one or more instruments – watch for these signs and then enroll your child in the music sessions he wants to pursue.

Fun lessons:

Initially, till your kid develops a liking for instruments, let the lessons be fun. Let them hang around the music lessons, let them get interested in the musical environment. Once they know what they like, you can start slow and regular lessons for them. And keep the lessons casual and breezy rather than forced and imposed.
Hope your little one falls in love with music soon!


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